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It's all about saying goodbye.
Caleb Loren Allen
April 18, 2002 - April 28, 2021

Place of Birth: Great Falls, MT
Residence: Sidney, MT
Age: 19

Caleb was born premature two and a half month’s early, was only three and a half pounds, and was in and out of the hospital with lung issues and pneumonia till he was a toddler; he wore glasses since he was 18 months old. His best friend growing up was his older sister Samantha, his papa Loren and his nana Sheryl. Caleb would get seizures which started in grade school, when he was diagnosed with epilepsy, and lived with that the rest of his life. He didn’t let that keep him down though, as he was an all-star athlete wrestling since he was five years of age and would later go on to coach his younger siblings Matthew and Patience. He loved coaching and teaching them. He played varsity football as a freshman, but couldn’t compete his junior year due to concussions and other injures.
Caleb was an avid sportsman, loved hunting and four wheeling. After moving to Sidney two years ago, he fell in love with trucking. He lived and breathed working on trucks and trailers, especially working with his papa Bruce and dad Justin. Caleb lived for hauling water with Bruce and Justin. You could always find Caleb and Bruce by a trail of pop cans and cigarette butts. When he wasn’t working, Justin and Caleb would always be working on a project, side by side, always together. Caleb was always a family man, protector and caretaker. He would always wait up to make sure his “sissy” Sam got home from work. He coached Matthew since he was five, teaching him everything he knew. He would have long talks with his sister, Patience, debating anything and everything. He loved his new family here in Sidney and his Papa and Nana were very good to him and would spoil him with donuts. His mother would attend all of his sporting events cheering him on loudly, and Caleb would always get so irritated with her. She gave him the nickname “Chubs” that stuck with him the rest of his life. Everyone called him that, friends, teachers, coaches, family…everyone. She would also constantly call or text him, smothering him, making sure he was ok. Caleb would always say to her “mom I’m fine and I love you”.
Caleb spent all of his time with his family, working on the farm, out in the field hauling water, working on trucks and trailers, looking for golf balls, four wheeling, or spending time with family. Caleb was the strong, silent type; he would not carry on a conversation with a stranger, but once he knew you, he was loyal to you for life. While working on trucks, he cussed like a sailor. He would make up his own words and you would often have to ask him to clarify. Caleb made sure to check on his nana Sheryl back home regularly, calling or texting her when he wasn’t working. Caleb had a strong bond with so many people growing up. He had several close friends and I knew he missed them dearly. Caleb left an impression on anyone he met. Even though they grew apart in distance, Caleb still loved them.
Living in Sidney he had his independence, his own pickup truck, and would drive it anywhere. He had freedom behind the wheel, although we were all scared to drive with him because his backing up skills needed drastic improvement. Caleb still struggled with seizures, although he had the implant and took medication daily. He suffered from headaches, migraines, and other chronic pain from sports and would not sleep well.
So many unanswered questions, we will never really know why he left us. We just pray that he is no longer in pain and is finally at peace. Although his life was cut short, we will cherish the 19 years we did get to spend with him. He brought so much joy, comfort and laughter into all of our lives. He was gentle giant that left a mark in all the lives of the people he knew and loved.
Caleb was preceded in death by his grandpa Loren Duane Sharbono, and his aunt Paula Marie Bonogofsky.
He is survived by his mother and step-father Heather (Justin) Swisse, brother Matthew Duane Allen, sisters Samantha Elizabeth Ann Allen and Patience Leira Allen, grandparents Sheryl Sharbono, Bruce and Nadine Swisse, Matt and Linda Allen, great-grandmother Dorothy Robertson, and many aunts, uncles and cousins.

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